What is HyperSKU?

HyperSKU is the one-stop solution for dropshippers to access wide selection of attractive and quality products, efficient store management tools, and affordable shipping solution that generate happy returning customers for your eCommerce business. 

HyperSKU works as dropshipping agency and provide variety of services for dropshippers, from sourcing, warehousing, order fulfillment to express shipping and packaging customization.

How to get started with HyperSKU? Steps to sign up and work with HyperSKU

HyperSKU integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce, and works with open API. We recommend you choose Shopify platform as HyperSKU works best with Shopify stores.

Our team will walk you through below steps for smooth onboard process: 

1. Sign up

Ask away questions you might have for HyperSKU, from products, pricings to our customized services. 

Whenever you are ready, just register an account with HyperSKU, and connect store with HyperSKU

2. Customize

1) Submit sourcing requests and our team will get you quotes in a few days. 

In your Smart Sourcing results page, you will see cost of the product, and shipping fee according to different shipping destinations and shipping options.

2) Let your consultant know if you have below customized needs, such as:

  a. Shipping option: Select and set default shipping option. Additionally, it’s important to inform your consultant if you are shipping bulky/liquid/powder/built-in battery products, as they need special care.

  b. Packaging: provide your design file for customized packaging and inserts. This comes with MOQ.

  c. Stock: stock inventory for faster processing and cheaper overall costs. This comes with MOQ.

  d. USA warehouse: Ship inventory to warehouse in US for faster shipping to US customers. This comes with MOQ.

3. Transit

Now it’s the time to fulfill your orders!

1) Sync Unfulfilled Orders

If you’ve connected store to your HyperSKU account, our system can easily pull unfulfilled orders from your store in real time. We suggest you to tell us below information upfront to avoid misunderstanding:

  a. Which products you would like HyperSKU to fulfill

  b. From which date and time you would like HyperSKU to fulfill

For example, you are selling pillows (variants: blue, pink) and slippers (variants: Small, Medium, Large) in your store. You just need to tell us: I’d like HyperSKU to fulfill all orders of pink pillows and Medium slippers, from March 23.

*This is one-time set-up and you don’t have to do it again.

Otherwise, you may upload order list manually. Just upload orders you need HyperSKU to fulfill.

2) Place your first order

You can choose from HyperSKU wallet, Payoneer, PayPal and credit card to pay for order fulfillment. We suggest you use HyperSKU wallet and Payoneer Account so you can enjoy bulk payment feature for faster payment.

Due to the complexity of payment system, you might have questions during your first payment; we suggest you place the first order/first account top-up with a HyperSKU consultant online, so we can assist in real time.

4. Enjoy

From now on things will be quite easy! You just need to pay for orders and we will handle all backend. Usually we start to process your order the same day or next day after payment, depending on time difference and other adjustment such as national holiday.

Whenever you want to launch a new product, or do some customization, just contact us and your dedicated account manager is always ready and happy to help. 

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