IMPORTANT: For the concern of your business, we strongly suggest you fulfill existing orders and delete products associated with HyperSKU before uninstalling HyperSKU App. HyperSKU does not take any responsibilities once user revoking connection of HyperSKU and store.

If you’ve decided to disconnect a specific store from HyperSKU, please follow below instructions to uninstall HyperSKU App: 

1. On the upper right corner, go to ‘Settings’ then click ‘My Stores

2. Find the store you’d like to remove from HyperSKU account, and click ‘Remove’

The Shopify store is now removed from your HyperSKU account. While the processing may take several hours, you might still see HyperSKU at Apps page of your Shopify store.

You can no more manage the store from HyperSKU after revoking the integration. If you wish to reconnect, please connect your Shopify store to HyperSKU again. 

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