We are very glad you shoot the question! Shipping is critical to any online sellers as it effects how happy customers are with this purchase, and if they’d purchase again.

HyperSKU has made it transparent to sellers about its excellent shipping abilities:

1. Shipping Countries

HyperSKU offers HyperSKU shipping to below regions and countries:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Middle East

  • Latin America

  • South East Asia

  • South Africa

  • Australia

  • Japan

HyperSKU also offers express shipping and ePaket shippings globally. 

* Due to the country regulation and the uniqueness of each product, the eligibility of shipping countries may vary per product. 

2. What’s the shipping time? 

HyperSKU offers different shipping options, which gives seller great flexibility on delivery timeframe, tracking availability and cost:

  • HyperSKU Standard shipping: normally within a week, 100% tracking

  • HyperSKU Economy shipping: normally within two weeks, 100% tracking

  • ePacket: normally within a month, 100% tracking

  • China Post: normally a month, milestone tracking

  • Standard express shipping such as DHL

* Due to the country regulation and the uniqueness of each product, the eligibility of shipping options may vary per product and shipping country. 

3. What are the Shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies per product, shipping destination and shipping option. We have made it very clear for sellers to see it before sell it – all shipping-related options can be found on each product detail page!

After you log into HyperSKU account and find something interesting, just click on the product to open the product detail page. You will see the shipping session next the product images. 

It displays the shipping overview: default shipping option, shipping country, delivery timeframe and shipping cost.

Click on it and see all shipping options and cost per shipping country on the product.

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