With HyperSKU, dropshippers can easily search and find winning products by themselves, or simply ask HyperSKU Team to do the work.

What’s the ‘Smart Sourcing’ feature?

Get quotes: If you don’t find a certain product in our catalog, submit the AliExpress link and HyperSKU will get a sourcing result in around 2 business days.

Smooth transition: If you’ve been using other supplier to fulfill and would like to switch to HyperSKU, we will help you switch supplier to HyperSKU, which won’t effect any sales activity!

Watch below video or read step-by-step instructions:

1. Submit AliExpress links

Go to Sourcing > AliExpress Sourcing, paste AliExpress link

Please note: 

  • One link per line

  • No shorten link (bit.ly or s.click.aliexpress)

  • Remove any parameters after .html 

  • Duplicated URLs will be rejected

Click ‘Save’.

Another more efficient way to is go to Orders > Order List and click ‘Source’ on those you’d like HyperSKU to source for you.

2. Review sourcing results

HyperSKU usually gets back to you with sourcing results in around 2 business days. You may see product quotes at your HyperSKU Account > Sourcing > Smart Sourcing, with below status:

  • Sourcing in process: we are working on finding suppliers

  • Quotes Created: we found supplier and get a quote

  • No Sourcing results: no supplier founded

For those have sourcing results, you may see the product cost and shipping price are listed - click the icon next to shipping price to find out shipping timeframe and price per country, per each product.

3. Set up HyperSKU as your new dropshipping supplier

If you’ve connected HyperSKU and your Shopify store, no action needed from your side, your current listings and orders and everything won't be affected.

Or simply chat with our support team!

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