You can pay for multiple orders at one time, in one single payment. Here are the steps:

1. After Logging into your HyperSKU account, navigate to ‘Orders’ on the left-side bar then click ‘Order List

2. Select Shipping Option for Orders

a. You must select shipping option before checking out. Use the filter to filter out orders that you haven’t selected shipping option.

b. You may update shipping method one-by-one, or in batch

Click ‘Update Shipping Option’ next to an order, or select several orders and make batch change by clicking ‘Update Shipping Option’ with ‘Pay Together’ button.

Set default shipping option for future orders to ensure faster payment experience.

3. Make Batch Payment

a. Go to Pending Payment Tab, and click ‘Select all on this page’ (you may have up to 50 orders per page)
b. Click ‘Pay Together
c.  Follow on screen instructions and check out.

An order will be ‘locked’ for 10 minutes if the previous payment attempt seems unsuccessful. It will be under ‘Payment in Progress’ tab until payment status is confirmed. Then you will find it either back to ‘Pending Payment’ or proceed to ‘Processing’.

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