HyperSKU accepts below payment methods:

  • PayPal

  • credit cards

  • Payoneer (USD)

  • Wire transfer

  • AliPay, iDEAL, Boleto and other local payment methods

  • HyperSKU Wallet.

Transaction fees

Payment Methods

Transaction Fees



credit cards

Payments above 20 USD: 1% transaction fee

Payments below 20 USD: 3% transaction fee

Payoneer (USD)


Wire transfer

Charged by banks, usually 20-50 USD

Local payment methods

Shown on payment page

HyperSKU Wallet


HyperSKU Wallet

HyperSKU Wallet is a USD balance that you can store money in, and conveniently pay for batch orders and other payments. 

Here’s how to top up the HyperSKU Wallet:

1. Click ‘Top Up Balance’ in Dashboard (the main screen)

Go to Billings & Payments, then click into Top Up Balance tab

2. Enter the amount and proceed to checkout. 

Please note the maximum top up limit per recharge.

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