Except syncing orders automatically from Shopify store, you may also import orders by uploading excel. This is a great way for sellers that on other platforms such as WooCommerce and Amazon.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Orders > Order List

2. Click ‘Import File

3. In the new window, click ‘Upload File'

4. Drop or upload excel file in the pop-up window, and click ‘Upload’.

You must use HyperSKU’s template to import orders. Please download the template if you haven’t done so.

5. Wait for the system to extract order information from the excel file. You will see orders display them 10 orders per page. Select the orders you’d like to import and click ‘Submit’. You can edit information at this step.

6. Repeat above until all orders are uploaded.

Format of Order Import Template

Every field in the excel template is mandatory. Below are a few details need special attention: 

SKU Code: This is the unique code for each variant of product, please make sure it’s accurate before uploading. You may look up the SKU code at product details page.

Order Number: the order number from your store

HyperSKU Quantity: the quantity for the variant

HyperSKU Product Name: you may use the product title either from HyperSKU or from your store, whichever is convenient for you

Address: You may put detailed address in ‘Address1’ and leave ‘Address2’ blank

City, Province: mandatory field. For ‘Province’ please provide province/state/or equivalent 

Country: Please use the full name of the country/region. For example, ‘United States of America’ for US, ‘United Kingdom’ for UK

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