You need to connect WooCommerce store to HyperSKU account before utilizing HyperSKU for your dropshipping business.

you must have WooCommerce set up with WordPress website prior to installing HyperSKU to store;

you must install Shipment Tracking extension to your WooCommerce store for tracking status syncing.

Here’s the step-by-step instruction:

 1. To start, login to your HyperSKU account 

2. On the upper right corner, go to ‘Settings’ then click ‘My Stores

3. You will see the list of connected stores here. Click ‘Add Store’ 

4. At the pop-up window, fill in below information:

a) Store Type: select ‘WooCommerce’ from dropdown menu
b) Store Nickname: Enter a nickname to distinguish stores
c) Storefront URL: please copy and paste your WordPress website’s homepage URL

After entering all above information, click ‘Save’.

5. You’ll see the store has been added to the list. Click ‘Authorize’ next to the store just added.

6. You will be prompted to your WooCommerce store (login required); Click ‘Approve’

Your WooCommerce store has been successfully connected to your HyperSKU account. Now you will see orders syncing from WooCommerce store to your HyperSKU account, where you can fulfill them. 

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