You may pay for orders and top up HyperSKU wallet with Payoneer USD and EUR balance. It’s fast, convenient, and transaction fee free. Here’s how:

First time to pay with Payoneer

1. When you have orders to pay or would like to top up HyperSKU wallet, choose Payoneer as payment method.

2. If it’s the first time you choose to pay with Payoneer, you need to connect a Payoneer account. Please check the box and click ‘Pay’.
(please select only one order to pay for first time setup)

3. Follow on-screen instruction in the new window. Enter your Payoneer account credentials and confirm. When you see below screen, you’ve connected Payoneer account successfully. 

Go to order page and click ‘Complete’. You’ve paid for the order successfully.

Pay with Payoneer 

4. You just need to do the connection for the first time. For future orders all you need to do is:

  • Choose Payoneer as payment method, and you will see the email address of that Payoneer account displayed at bottom. 

  • Follow on-screen instructions and pay.


  • Make sure to check the confirmation before making payments.

  • Payoneer USD and Payoneer EUR are separate payment methods. Connecting one currency doesn’t mean the other one is connected too.

  • If you’d like to disconnect Payoneer as payment method, open any payment pop-up. Choose Payoneer and click disconnect at bottom.  

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