It’s Custom’s requirement that all incoming parcels to Brazil and Chile must provide Tax ID that matches the recipient’s information, or the custom will decline the parcel.

HyperSKU suggests you get Tax ID for orders to Brazil and Chile, so to ensure seamless order fulfillment. We cannot ship any parcels inbounding Brazil or Chile without valid Tax ID. HyperSKU will wait until you provide Tax ID to arrange shipment.

What is the Brazil Tax ID?

There are two types of Tax ID in Brazil: CPF for individual, and CNPJ for business. The Tax ID must match the recipient’s information and will be used to calculate the duty.

CPF (Casastro de Pessoas), is the Tax ID for individuals 

The format is:


CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Juridica), is the Tax ID for business entities 

The format is:


What is the Chile Tax ID?

The tax ID in Chile is called RUT (Rol Único Tributario), which have 8 digits plus a verification digit.

The format is:




Get Tax ID from Customers in Brazil and Chile

You must have your customers provide Tax ID for orders shipping to Brazil and Chile. We DON’T accept passport number as alternatives for Tax ID.

If you haven’t implemented dedicated field for Tax ID on Shopify or WooCommerce checkout page, we suggest you ask customer to put VALID Tax ID in the address line 2.

Adding a reminder on your website or checkout page is also recommended.

If you get customer’s Tax ID after they places the order, and would like to update that information with HyperSKU, please update shipping address into Address 2 in your HyperSKU account’s order page

The Shopify Team has added additional fields to collect specific information (for example, tax ID) when checking out. Until you implement the field to your store, we suggest you apply above walkaround solution.

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