It’s important to get accurate shipping address from customers, so our local couriers can deliver in the fastest possible way. 

⚠️We’ve made settings in the system that if the shipping address format doesn’t meet requirements from our local couriers, the orders cannot proceed to payment.

This is to protect merchants and prevent delivery failure, which might cause refund and extra handling fee for sellers. 

We strongly suggest you collect customer’s phone number

In case that last-mile carrier wants to confirm delivery date, notify a self-pickup, custom issues or any COVID-19 related issues, phone calls and SMS are the major ways for last-mile carriers to notify customers.

For those whose target countries conduct stricter delivery regulations (for example, in Norway, recipients need to pick up parcels in Postal Office), collecting customer’s phone number during checkout will ensure delivery rate and reduce disputes.

To make phone number mandatory, login to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout, and scroll down to ‘Form options’, and make ‘Shipping address phone number’ required.

When do I know that the format of shipping address is not correct?

If the address is missing critical information, or does not meet standard format required by local courier, you cannot pay for the order. 

If you are paying for one order and its shipping address is inaccurate, you will see below error page.

If you are paying for orders in bulk and there are orders with inaccurate shipping address,  only the payment for other qualified orders will be captured.

Fix shipping address error and provide accurate shipping address

Click change address next to payment button of the order, according to below instructions: 

Name: Mandatory field. The total length of name (first name plus last name) cannot be longer than 48 characters.

City, Province: mandatory field. For ‘Province’ please provide province, state, or equivalent jurisdiction. 

Country: mandatory field. If you are uploading orders manually, please use the full name of the country/region. For example, ‘United States of America’ for US, ‘United Kingdom’ for UK

Address 1: mandatory field. Please get detailed address from customers to avoid delivery failure.

Address 2: optional field. Please fill in Tax ID here for orders to Brazil.

The total length of address 1 & 2 cannot be longer than 70 characters. 

Post code: please fill in valid post code.

Telephone: only numbers and + (the plus sign) are allowed.

No special characters are allowed in above fields, such as !@#$%&*()_+.

Country-specific Requirements

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