You may stock inventory of certain product at HyperSKU’s warehouse, so when you have future orders coming in, just pay for shipping and HyperSKU will go ahead and send it out as soon as possible. The advantages of stock inventory with HyperSKU:

Lower cost: we purchase in bulk from factories and there’s chance getting bigger discounts

Faster processing: as the products are in our warehouse, we can skip purchasing and go directly with pick-and-pack and processing

Better customer experience: Customer gets the order faster thus happier

More branding: you may add customized packaging when stocking inventory

Here's how it works:

Order Inventory

1) Go to the product detail page. Click ‘Stocking’ Tab, choose the variant you’d like to stock, and click ‘Add to cart’.

If you don’t find the ‘Stocking’ button, contact us and provide relevant SKU code, so we can check it for you.

2) The variant has been added to shopping cart. You may continue browsing and adding more variants.

3) When you are ready, navigate to top menu and go to ‘Shopping Cart’.

4) Go to the ‘Warehouse’ tab, and you will see the list of products you planned to stock inventory.

Enter amount you’d like to stock, select the ones you’d like to purchase this time, and click ‘Buy Now’.

5) Follow on-screen instructions and complete payment. HyperSKU Team will purchase the inventory right away. It may takes days to finish purchasing.

6) You may view order status by going to Warehouse > Order List.

When the status of the inventory is updated to ‘Shelf’, it means the stock has arrived in HyperSKU’s warehouse and ready for order fulfillment.

Fulfill orders with stock

Which orders can I fulfill with stock?

Orders created after inventory status changes to ‘shelf’ will be fulfilled with stock by default.

If the stock hasn’t arrived at warehouse, or you run out of stock temporarily, then the orders created during that time are ineligible for fulfilling-with-stock. While if you wish to fulfill these orders with stock, please contact our team.

How do I fulfill orders with my stock?

To fulfill an order, you just need to pay for international shipping fee.

1) Go to Orders > Order List. The orders eligible of fulfilling with stock are marked with a symbol as below. Select the orders you’d like to fulfill.

2) Now you just need to pay for the international shipping fees. Select or update shipping option as you wish, and follow on-screen instructions and complete payment.

3) HyperSKU will process orders after receiving payment.

You may check inventory level by going to Application > Warehouse.

Storage Fees

We offer 30-day free storage. After that, HyperSKU charges 0.1 USD/day per unit (roughly 3 USD/ month per unit).


If you’d like to check if discount is available for stock inventory, contact your account manager before placing orders.

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