If your customer wants to change the size or color after placing an order, you can edit the order details at HyperSKU before you paying for it.

For example, your customer purchased a green crossbody bag, then asking you to ship an orange one instead. Here's what to do:

1. In your HyperSKU account, go to Orders tab, and locate the order you want to edit. Click ‘Action’ then click ‘Edit’.

2. In pop-up window, choose the variant you’d like to switch to, and then click ‘OK’.

3. You will see that the product has been updated to the new variant, and the order is ready for payment.

*If you’ve paid for the order, you won’t be able to edit the variant, as the order is under processing with Purchasing and Logistics Team. Contact the team to see if they can make the change manually.

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