With HyperSKU, Yampi store owners can gain access to catalogue of quality products, express shipping and seamless order fulfillment. The first step is to connect your Yampi store with HyperSKU.

Watch below video, or read the step-by-step instruction:

1. To start, login to your HyperSKU account. On the upper right corner, go to ‘Settings’ then click ‘My Stores’.

2. Click ‘Add Store’. At the pop-up window, select ‘Yampi’ from dropdown menu. You will need to fill in below information:

  • Alias

  • Token

  • Chave secreta

3. Open another browser tab, and log into your Yampi account. On the upper right corner, click your profile image then click ‘Credenciais de API’. In the pop-up, you can find alias, token and chave secreta of the store.

4. Copy above three information into the pop-up in HyperSKU account. Click ‘Save’.

Your Yampi store is successfully connected with your HyperSKU account.

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