Congratulations! You’ve made a sale. Now your customer is expecting to receive updates from you soon. HyperSKU allows you to fulfill orders by bulk and pay for them at one click, and sync order status to your Yampi store effortlessly. Here’s how:

1. After Logging into your HyperSKU account, navigate to ‘Orders’ on the left-side bar then click ‘Order List

2. Click ‘Pending Payment’ in the tab and you will see a list of orders you haven’t fulfill yet (‘unpaid’ means your customer has paid for an order, and you haven’t paid for the products yet); if your customer hasn’t paid or partially paid for an order, we won’t sync that order to your HyperSKU account.

3. Take a look at orders you’d like to fulfill. Change shipping option and shipping address if necessary. You can set default shipping option for your convenience.

4. After confirming orders, check the needed orders (you can use ‘select all’ to select all orders on the page) and click ‘Pay Together’.

5. You will be prompted to payment page. Follow on-screen instructions to complete payments.

You can pay with below Brazilian payment methods:

  • Boleto

  • Pix

  • Bank transfer

  • Credit card

6. We will process the order right away after you complete payment. You may check the order updates in Orders page. It usually takes less than 4 days before shipping.

Once shipped out, the tracking URL will be provided, and order will be marked as ‘Shipping’ and ‘Fulfilled’ in HyperSKU account. The order status and tracking number will be synced to your Yampi store at the same time – you don’t have to do anything manually!

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