After logging into your HyperSKU Affiliate Account, you can access all you need to promote HyperSKU, from referral links, marketing assets, to performance analysis.

From the left side, you can navigate among different sections of your HyperSKU Affiliate Account for different functions:


There are 6 sections displayed on the dashboard. You can see how the affiliate programs you promote are doing.


You can view the performance of your promotion such as click, customers, conversion amount and commission amount, with date and geography filters.


You can find your unique referral link and branded marketing materials on this page.


Here you can track rewards for ‘Refer a friend’ program – when a friend signs up via your referral link and pay over $200 USD at HyperSKU, both you and your friend will get a $25 reward.


This page gives you an overview of the total conversions and commissions you generated in any of the program(s) you joined.


Sources are channels you might use to promote HyperSKU, for example, you promote HyperSKU via your own website, and Sources can give you more fine-grained statistics within the reporting module. This is an optional feature.


Every 15th of the month, we process payouts for the previous month. Once we have approved your commissions, we will generate a payout to the payment account you designated.

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