Now HyperSKU is supporting TikTok Sellers with product sourcing, order processing, and global fulfillment. You can find HyperSKU at TikTok Seller Center at the 'Partner Management' session.

1. To start, log into your HyperSKU account. On the upper right corner, go to ‘Settings’ then click ‘My Stores’. Then click ‘Add Store

2. At the pop-up window, select ‘TikTok’ from the dropdown menu and click 'Authorization.'

3. You will be redirected to TikTok Shop, please follow the instruction to finish the authorizations: select the account type > authorize the app > select the shop > bind.

a. Select account type:

b. Authorise App

c. Bind Shop then click 'Close'.

4. Once close, you will be redirected to HyperSKU app. You can see the selected TikTok accounts shown on the dashboard that your TikTok store is successfully connected with your HyperSKU account.

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